Danida's Annual Report 2009

Denmark’s Participation in International Development Cooperation 2009

Danida's Annual Report 2009
Danida's Annual Report 2009
Ministry of Foreign Affaires, April 2010
Serier: Arkiv - Dansk udviklingssamarbejde
Varenr. 978-87-7087-391-8
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The 2009 annual report is based on the Millennium Development Goals and contains the following elements:

  • The annual report focuses on the results of Danish development cooperation where assistance makes a concrete difference and plays a part in creating better living conditions for millions of people.
  • The annual report also contains a chapter on human rights and democracy and peace and stability as well as a chapter about private sector-driven economic growth and employment. In addition, a brief review is presented of the 15 Danish programme countries and Afghanistan, the report from the Committee for Mixed Credits, an overview of cases where there has been suspicion of fraud and corruption involving Danish development assistance funds.
  • The electronic edition of the annual report also contains a number of short videos on Danish support to private sector-driven economic growth in Tanzania, which is the largest recipient of Danish development assistance.
  • Readers wishing to find more details can continue into Project and Programme Orientation 2009 (PPO – in Danish only). PPO is a catalogue where readers may conduct searches for Danish-supported programme and projects irrespective of the size of the allocation.
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