A Healthy Parnership. Ghana-Denmark 1994-2016

An account of 22 year of life-saving cooperation in the health sector

A Healthy Parnership. Ghana-Denmark 1994-2016
A Healthy Parnership. Ghana-Denmark 1994-2016
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Februar 2016
Serier: Lande og regioner, Dansk udviklingssamarbejde, Ghana, Afrika
Varenr. 978-87-7087-914-9
Sprog: Engelsk
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The Ghanaian-Danish partnership in the health sector is unique for several reasons: It has lasted more than 20 years; it has been characterized by open and frank dialogue; and, most importantly, it has contributed to impressive results: Under 5- and maternal mortality have been halved, health expenditure in Ghana has increased dramatically, and the number of doctors has more than doubled. In short, Ghanaians have become healthier; they live longer and have access to better health care. But in 2016 Danish support will be phased out. In the 20-paged magazine, “A Healthy Partnership”, freelance-journalist Jesper Heldgaard highlights some of the challenges, successes, and experiences of the partnership in feature articles and interviews with some of the many beneficiaries and key players.
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