Rights and Governance for Development

Experiences from support to a Nepal in transition

Rights and Governance for Development
Rights and Governance for Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Januar 2014
Serier: Nepal, Temaer, Asien
Varenr. 978-87-7087-774-9
Sprog: Engelsk
62 sider
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Thousands of individuals and groups at the grassroots level stand up to the challenges Nepal’s development and transition to democracy are facing. This publication portrays a wide range of these “change agents in the field: Women, landless, Dalits, youths and other groups. It documents Denmark’s substantial support to human rights and good governance in Nepal. It also highlights the crucial role and flexible approach of Danida Human Rights and Good Governance Advisory Unit (DanidaHUGOU), which was in operation from 1999 to 2014. While the publication focuses on Nepal, its coverage of support to civil society, human rights, democratisation and good governance, of the challenges and achievements, provides learning and inspiration to anyone interested in these issues.


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