Strategy for Culture and Development

Right to Art and Culture

Strategy for Culture and Development
Strategy for Culture and Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Juni 2013
Serier: Temaer, Dansk udviklingssamarbejde
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The new strategy for culture and development follows in the wake of the strategy for Denmark's development cooperation 'Right to a better life' from 2012. The purpose of the 'cultural strategy' is to fight poverty and help people to realize their right to a better life.

The formulation of the strategy has been based on close cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and the Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD/CKU).
The new strategy is based on the understanding that a dynamic culture is a central part of the basis for critical reflection and commitment of citizens and is an important step in the development of modern, democratic societies. Art and culture can help create positive change, while a rich artistic and cultural life has value in itself.
With the new strategy art and culture become important elements in Danish development cooperation. With this strategy, Denmark can contribute to cultural partnerships in developing countries. The strategy sees art and culture in a rights-based, development and growth perspective. The key words are freedom of expression, social change, diversity, culture in reconciliation processes, intercultural understanding and creative industries.


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