Realising the Potential of Africa´s Youth
Realising the Potential of Africa´s Youth
Realising the Potential of Africa´s Youth
Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Juni 2009
Serier: Lande og regioner, Benin, Erhvervslivet, Zimbabwe, Niger, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Eritrea
Varenr. 9788770871532
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The report presents the findings of the Africa Commission, which worked during 2008-2009 to come up with effective means of creating private sector-led growth and employment for Africa’s youth. The Commission consisted of Heads of State and governments, experts and representatives from international organizations and was chaired by the Danish Prime Minister. The Commission recommends a refocused agenda for international development cooperation with Africa and devises five concrete initiatives aimed at improving the employment opportunities for Africa’s growing youth population. The first part of the report presents the rationale for the priority focus; the second provides overall recommendations for international development cooperation with Africa; the third outlines key areas that are vital for private sector-led growth and the five concrete initiatives within the areas of competiveness, investment finance, young entrepreneurs, sustainable energy and post-primary education and research; and the fourth describes the way forward in the implementation of the recommendations.

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