The Government’s Priorities for Danish Development Cooperation 2018
The Government’s Priorities for Danish Development Cooperation 2018
The Government’s Priorities for Danish Development Cooperation 2018
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oktober 2017
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Denmarks new strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action, The World 2030, is based on a broad political agreement from January 2017. The four strategic aims constitute the overall framework for the Government’s financial prioritisation of its development assistance in 2018. The Government’s priorities for Danish development cooperation is part 2 of the implementation of The World 2030, the first step was taken with the Finance Act for 2017.

Since 1978 Denmark has met the UN target of committing 0.7 % of GNI on development assistance each year. Denmark will continue to do so.

In the Finance Bill for 2018, the Government prioritises Denmark’s development cooperation in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. In the Finance Act for 2018, the Government particularly plans to 1) increase initiatives to improve the situation in countries and regions affected by war and conflict, i.a. through enhanced coherence between humanitarian assistance and development cooperation, 2) strengthen the focus on migration including the readmission of developing countries’ own citizens without a legal permission to stay in Denmark, 3) increase development financing, mobilising and catalysing private capital and bringing Danish businesses, investors and Danish solutions, knowledge and innovation into play, 4) invest the highest amount ever to be appropriated in the Finance Act in multilateral initiatives aimed at improving gender equality and the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls. In addition, the Government prioritises access to education, health and jobs for young people and will strengthen young people’s participation and influence in society, thus enabling them to see perspectives and possibilities in their home country.

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